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Antimicrobial Barrier Hand Sanitation Protection

Cedar Creek Group
3437 Hill Lane
Acworth , Ga 30102
County: Cherokee
Voice: 678-535-7604
FAX: 1-877-641-1328
Email:Joseph W. Majka
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There are multiple anti-bacterials on the market that are mostly alcohol which damages the skin provide temporary disinfecting and only kill common household germs and some bacteria but not the parasites, molds, fungus, staphs and major micro-organisms.
CitruShield 98% Natural has been proven to kill all forms of bacteria including MRSA parasites, molds, fungus, and staphs while encapsulating Viruses (which typically can not be killed, just isolated and cleaned off). CitruShield kills Ecolli, Salmonella, SARS and MRSA the new super bug that is a staph bacterium. Effective against C-diff. Third party lab tested and certified. Tested 72 hour Lab efficacy

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